Forté Reno Supplies

Our collection of elegant decorative panels makes it easier to attain sophisticated and classic interior décor. Explore our fluted panels, slat panels, and stainless steel strips to compliment that chic appeal of your residential or commercial space. They’re the perfect blend of modern-chic and affordable design. We take quality seriously; we provide only the best decorative panels to achieve that natural appeal of wood and stone while staying highly durable with easy maintenance.

Thinking about a DIY home improvement project? Our 9mm fluted panels are an excellent choice. With simple installation, these panels will add a fascinating pattern to your residential walls. Contact us for the best bendable fluted panels with natural grains and color price.

Our 25mm fluted panels are the best if you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your commercial space. They come in varying natural wood finishes, such as the 25mm wood plastic composite fluted panels to help you create adorable elegance.

Do you want to attain unique interior décor luxury? Our premium quality fluted decorative panels make the best material for enhancing your décor’s appeal. These premium black fluted panels are made using high-quality wood and plastic composite with a sealant surface finish to make them durable and more luxurious.

Enjoy all the benefits of a modern space with our slat panels -wood series, ideal for creating the natural wood finish to transform dull interiors into classic attractions. Unlike wood, our slat panels are extra durable, easy to maintain, and can slash down the costs of creating decorative walls.

Our Slat panels - Stone series are a great way to give any space an extra touch of natural elegance. Each panel is hand-selected and then finished to create a seamless fit. They make affordable 25 mm water-resistant decorative panels, a better way of cutting down the costs of maintaining decorative walls.

On all decorations, if you want to reflect the nobility and magnificence of the building, then it is necessary to use decorative stainless steel strips. Contact us for electroplated stainless steel strips costing for decoration or choose from a wide variety of colors, and we will deliver them to your doorstep with professional installation services.