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What products and services does Forte Reno PTE Ltd offer?

Forte Reno PTE Ltd is the one-stop shop for design and construction professionals in search of decorative materials and supplies. Offering a variety of products from Fluted panels, to Slat Panels, to Stainless Steel Strips, Forte Reno can provide any kind of decorative material that your project needs.

We do not only supply these decorative materials for your projects, but we also offer professional installation expertise. With a local Singapore team of professional installers, we can meet any demand for skilled personnel to meet the needs of any project size.

Wood is a beautiful material, but unfortunately, it's not always practical — termites can destroy wooden structures and moisture will eventually cause wood to warp or rot. That's why many architects opt for fluted panels, which offer the same look, freedom from mold, and maintenance-free durability.

Fluted panels can be used for almost any surface in your home. They are water-resistant and termite resistant, making them great for high-humidity areas of the home like bathrooms and kitchens. They also look amazing on living room walls and ceilings. Fluted panels give off a warm, natural look that is perfect for any space in your home.

We endeavor to meet our clients' demands and as such conduct thorough market research before creating the various sizes of fluted panels and slat panels. The following are the various sizes on offer:

  • Fluted Panel 25mm.
  • Fluted Panel 9mm.
  • Premium Black Fluted Panel 25mm.

Other products on offer with varying sizes include;

  • Slat Panels - Wood Series SP122, SP130,
  • Slat Panels - Stone Series SP122, SP130,
  • Stainless Steel Strips 6mm, 10mm, 30mm.

Absolutely! We offer a convenience like no other to all our customers. Fluted panel reno supplies can be delivered anywhere in Singapore and Western Malaysia. We have an extensive network, strategic warehouse locations, and a delivery fleet well established and ready to fulfill your order.

With our huge supply of affordable slat panels with natural stone textures, best quality fluted panel supplies sg, and affordable 25 mm water-resistant decorative panels, we can meet your project supply demands.

Fluted panels are durable but without proper care, they may lose their attractive appeal. You can maintain their great look by dusting or vacuuming fluted panel walls as deemed necessary. But it's best to give the surface a little extra care and gently scrub it with a damp cloth regularly.

A fluted panel is a composite material made from an innovative combination of wood-plastic combination and finished with film lamination. The resulting flute panels have the natural look and feel of wood, but with enhanced properties, therefore, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Of course, you can! In an open-minded world, there’s no idea that isn’t too great to try out. If you’re redesigning your home office or workstation and are thinking about using fluted panels for your walls, it’s doable.

You can buy 9mm decorative designer fluted panels for home office or use the 25mm wood plastic composite fluted panels for your business office to achieve a more rustic appeal. If you need assistance with the installation, we have professional installers with years of experience. We can survey your office space, supply the panels, and do the installation with a professional touch.

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