Garage Slatwall Accessories You Should Have

Garage Slatwall Accessories You Should Have
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Did you know that by using fashionable Slatwall paneling and a few garage Slatwall accessories, you can easily say goodbye to any garage clutter? Yes, you heard correctly. Any garage can appear better with Slatwall additions, making the typically disorganized space sleek and orderly.

With a Slatwall system, you can turn your garage wall into a flexible, almost limitless storage space. You can clean up the floor, so you have enough space to store and show off all your things simultaneously.

The benefit of adopting the best Slatwall for garage storage is that it allows for countless customization options with different Slatwall attachments. With a simple adjustment to the add-ons and accessories, you have a way to organize them. In addition, you can customize the look of your vertical storage.

How to Select a Garage Slatwall Product That Is Right for Your Needs

Material Type

There are three main types of garages Slatwall panels: those made of medium-density fiberboard, known as MDF; those made of vinyl or PVC; and those made of metal (usually aluminum).

Wooden Slatwall systems are also available, but they are less common. It makes sense that they should be given the frequent moisture and mildew problems garages have. Wood doesn’t work well in humid or wet conditions and can even help mold grow. For MDF, the same is true.

MDF Slatwall

MDF, which stands for medium-density fiberboard, is an engineered wood product panel used in building, furniture, and other related fields. MDF comes in different sheet thicknesses, like plywood, fiberboards, and oriented strand board, and it can be cut and shaped with standard woodworking tools.

Metal Slatwall

Metal Slatwall is sometimes a reliable, lovely product. Depending on the manufacturer, it often has a brushed or smooth appearance and is made of aluminum. It is lightweight, robust, and long-lasting.

Some garage owners prefer an industrial aesthetic that metal Slatwall in terms of style and feel. If desired, some manufacturers provide metal Slatwall in diverse colors that can help lighten the industrial vibe.

The price of metal Slatwall is one drawback; it is around three times more expensive than vinyl or PVC.

Vinyl or PVC-Based Slatwall

Vinyl or PVC-Based Slatwall

Slatwall, sometimes known as slotwall, is a top-notch product. It can hold a lot of weight, varying from 40 to 75 lbs. per square foot, and is impact-resistant, light, and durable.

Slatwall made of PVC works well in wet areas like garages occasionally are. It drains water and, unlike drywall, won’t deteriorate or bulge when wet. It can typically be cleaned with a simple wipe and won’t foster mold or mildew growth.

The fact that PVC Slatwall panels often cost far less than metal versions is a significant benefit. Additionally, it provides a softer, less sterile feel than metal.

Essential Garage Slatwall Accessories You Must Have in Your Garage

You have flexibility and adaptability in storage when using a garage Slatwall setup. You can create countless storage combinations using numerous add-ons and accessories available.

Are you prepared to make your garage a tidy and organized area? Slatwall accessories will quickly solve your garage clutter issues.

Here are our top picks for the most useful Slatwall additions to help create a tidy, functional garage.

Slatwall Bike Hooks

What is one of the most widespread problems in a garage that takes up the most space? Bikes. Keeping bikes off the garage floor is the simplest way to waste space, particularly if you have more than one bike. Using bike garage wall storage hooks to hang the bikes on the Slatwall is one of the best ways to get rid of them. Just plug the hooks in, and you’ll have enough power to support even heavy mountain bikes.

If you hang your bikes on the wall, you should put some padding where the tires meet the Slatwall. When you load and unload bikes quickly, the wheel can come off and rub against the wall, leaving ugly black streaks.

If you need more space on your Slatwall, you can also hang your bikes up on the walls of your garage. You can save even more space by putting vertical J hooks on the roof of your garage.

Can & Bottle Shelf

Can & Bottle Shelf

Think about all the various kinds of bottles and cans you have in your garage or should have. The list goes on and on cleaning materials, weed killers, insect repellent, spray paint, etc. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a place where you could store all your bottles?

Garage Slatwall is great for storing dangerous chemicals since you can change the height so kids and pets can’t get to them. Just put up a rack or wire basket and put things in it.

Sports-Related Rack

You like sports but don’t like having a lot of stuff on your basement floor when they’re not in season. Try putting baskets, stackers, and hooks on a section of your Slatwall to keep everything clean and organized.

Do you want to get some ideas? To hold up golf bags by the strap, use heavy-duty single hooks. Roller skates and helmets can be stored on shelves, and tennis racquets can be stored vertically on a small hook. Depending on your space, you can hang skis and snowboards on a single hook or two hooks.

Reach-In Storage Bins

If your garage is also where you do your hobbies, you might want to put reach-in storage bins on your Slatwall. Keeping things like fittings and other plastic pieces nearby.

Plastic fasteners and other often-used parts left out in the open can be kept in a reach-in storage bin. Go with a plastic bin that you can hang on the wall, and you’ll be good to go. When it comes to how you hang plastic bins on your Slatwall, you have a lot of choices.

Wire Baskets

Did you know that some vintage convenience stores have end-cap aisles with Slatwall wire baskets? These wire baskets can accommodate any item in your garage and are highly functional.

You can also use it to store anything you need quick access to, including water bottles, sports equipment, cans of oil, and shoes.

Fire Extinguisher Holder

Accidents do happen, despite the presence of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and high awareness. An extinguisher in your garage is a beautiful idea for major fires, provided it is insulated.

Fire Extinguisher Holder

A Slatwall rack or hook will do just well for holding fire extinguishers, which should be held at least 3–3 1/2 feet above the ground. You’ll always have quick access to your fire extinguisher in an emergency. Just be sure you remember how to utilize it!

Ladder Hooks

What’s the biggest thing you have in your house that you hardly use but must have? You would be accurate if you said a ladder. If your ladder is taking up a lot of room, try hanging it up on your Slatwall with three solid and broad hooks.

Your garage will appear cleaner and more organized if your ladder is neatly hung on the wall. Keep your ladder off the floor as much as possible.


Some of the objects in your garage aren’t best stored hanging. One alternative for keeping such products is garage cabinets and hanging shelving accessories.

Little or large wire hanging shelves are ideal for storing containers of household goods, cleaning supplies, gardening equipment, or perhaps some pots you want to use soon.

In addition to shoes, you can store boots and other outdoor footwear in angled shoe racks. The way the shelves are wired lets air move through them easily, so your wet shoes can dry out quickly.

Paper Towel Dispenser

The environment can become a little dirty when working outside. For those not-so-clean tasks in the garage or yard, you can easily make a paper towel dispenser in the garage with a simple, long horizontal hook.

Install a paper towel dispenser in your garage, so you don’t have to come into the house and touch the paper towels in the kitchen. It’s also always helpful.

Tilt-out storage bin

We’ve all seen garages filled with tons of plastic or metal containers with screws, nuts, nails, and a million other tiny hardware components. There has obviously been no consideration for organizing.

It would take ages to sort through the contents of these containers. If you have this issue in your own garage, look for a more inventive technique to keep all those small bits arranged going forward.

Tilt-out storage bin

Your screws, bolts, nuts, and other small hardware items will be organized in clear tilt-out storage boxes. When necessary, you’ll be able to locate the appropriate screw or washer size for whatever project you’re working on.

Benefits of Garage Slatwall Accessories

Slatwall is one of the simplest shelving and display systems to mount. The panels need only be fastened into the panel or unit because they are already built with grooves. If you need to modify or move, the panels are straightforward to remove.

Slatwall is great because it can make classy and professional displays. This is just one of its many benefits. It comes in diverse finishes that enable you can change how it looks to fit the style and decor of your store. The panels give you a neat, discreet way to show off your things and make them stand out.

Slatwall may fit flat against walls and is exceptionally streamlined in its form. It is among the shelf and display alternatives with the highest spatial efficiency. Making your products or objects wall-mounted creates more floor area for buyers or other fit-outs. It also lets you hang things on your walls to their full height, which gives you even more space.


What’s Better, Pegboard or Slatwall?

Use pegboard or Slatwall to organize your bespoke garage if you’re in a hurry. Both have advantages, but Slatwall is more beneficial. It can support heavy loads without warping. Slatwall can also be bought in panels or from the floor to the ceiling, and it comes in many exciting designs.

Is Flow Wall compatible with Slatwall?

Generic “3-inch on center” slat wall attachments are frequently compatible with Flow Wall. However, you need a Flow Wall panel with Flow Wall accessories to get an innovative back bracket design.

How Do You Organize a Slat Wall?

Install a smaller-piece organizer on your slat wall. You might even use an existing organizer and mount brackets, so it hangs from your slat wall. This way, you can keep everything neat and easy to find, and all your storage will be in one place.

Are Slatwall accessories interchangeable?

You can switch or interchange Garage Slatwall accessories. However, there are a few notable outliers. Accessories for the Gladiator GearWall are exclusive and incompatible with any other system.

How Much Weight Can a Slatwall Hold?

Slatwall weight depends on several factors. Slatwall weight capacity depends on its design, groove size, and reinforced inserts.

Standard 200mm hooks in reinforced Slatwall inserts can hold 29.5–31.5 kgs. Slatwall without reinforced grooves holds 18.0–20.0 kgs.

Use strengthened metal inserts in Slatwall grooves. Slatwall’s weight rating, strength, and stability increase.

Wrap Up

The best Slatwall accessories will complete your garage wall storage systems. Pick from various hooks, bins, racks, and other items.

Any way you choose, arrange, and organize the objects that are stored in your garage using your preferred garage Slatwall accessories. Which one of these Slatwall garage accessories would therefore be a great addition to your garage area to keep it tidy and organized?

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