Maintaining Decorated Walls Becoming Hectic? Here’s How To Clean Fluted Panel Walls

How To Clean Fluted Panel Walls
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Fluted panels are becoming more popular now than ever. What was once seen as traditional or outdated can now be seen as a classic, rustic addition to any room. But even the most fashionable additions need a little tender loving care — this is especially true of premium quality fluted decorative panels.

Before jumping straight into how to clean fluted panel walls, first, let’s learn a thing or two about them and the best ways to clean them.

What are fluted panels?

You’ve seen them in many homes and commercial spaces across Singapore but probably didn’t know what they’re made of. Fluted panels are decorative pieces of boards with a linear design created out of engineered composites of plastic and wood. They feature a finish of natural wood, hence it’s easy to mistake them for wood.

Unlike natural wood, these panels are highly resistant to natural elements and water. For instance, the 25mm wood plastic composite fluted panels create a more engaging feel and offer resistance to termites while also repelling molds.

Fluted panels are easy to install, low maintenance, durable, and eco-friendly. They’re the most favored in commercial and residential paneling as well as feature walls.

How best can you clean fluted panel walls?

Even though fluted panels are durable, and more resistant to termites and mold, you still need to take care of them. Wondering how best to clean your fluted panel walls without ruining their elegant appeal? Check out the following methods.

Dusting the fluted panels


Dusting is the simplest way to keep these wall paneling looking chic and free of grime build-up. Find a microfiber duster with a long handle to allow you easy access to difficult-to-reach spots, such as close to the ceiling.

You may also use a soft, lint-free piece of cloth to dust the walls lightly. The 25mm premium black fluted decorative panels sg are one of the easiest to clean because their dark finish conceals most of the spots. If your panels are light-colored, such as gray, you may need to dip the piece of cloth in water to wipe off sticky grime or dust.

Prepare a cleaning agent

If the fluted panel walls are overly dirty, dusting alone might not be enough. You might need a cleaning agent to ensure tough stains, smoke residue, or grease are completely wiped off the walls. To prepare the cleaning solution, mix a mild dishwashing detergent with warm water. Use it together with a gentle fabric to wipe off the dirt from the surface.

These solutions are ideal for cleaning wood or stone slat fluted panels. If you already found a wood and stone slat fluted panel supplier for your next project but are hesitant to order due to the cleaning process, don’t worry. Usually, wood panels consist of a sealant or veneer finish that’s water-resistant.

A gentle cleaning solution will only remove stubborn stains on the exterior without damaging the underlying wood.

Wipe dirt off the wall

Using the cleaning solution you prepared earlier, start wiping the dirt off the wall with a damp soft lint-free rag or sponge. Take caution not to soak wet the rag as this may cause moisture penetration through the sealant to the flute panel grains. Also, start by testing the solution on a small section of the wall.

When ready to proceed, start from the bottom and proceed upwards working in small sections while gently wiping the fluted panels. If your walls had been made using affordable 25 mm water-resistant decorative panels from credible suppliers like Forte Reno, rest assured the cleaning result will be magnificent.

Take care not to apply pressure while cleaning. Simply use light force, strong enough to remove the dirt but not damage the panels.

Drying off excess water

Once through with cleaning a section, dry it immediately using a clean dry sponge or soft lint-free rag. If the cleaning solution is left to dry by itself, it may create some sort of discoloration or haze on the fluted panels.

Continue with the cleaning as you dry the completed section. Regularly refill your cleaning solution when it becomes dirty or as needed.

Restore luster on sealed fluted panels

After cleaning the panels, they may have a matte or dull look. This requires you to shine them by restoring their luster. To achieve this, mix 6 to 10 drops of vegetable cooking oil or olive oil with a fresh cleaning solution you created earlier.  The oil will replenish the dried surface of the fluted panels. Use the solution to gently wipe the surface clean.

You may also buy an oil soap for use on the fluted panel walls.


When doing a project and thinking about using fluted panels, apart from checking bendable fluted panels with natural grains and color price, it’s also good to consider ease of cleaning. Generally, fluted panels are easy to clean as described above.

However, take caution not to use cleaning agents with bleaching properties, such as hydrogen peroxide, strong detergents, chlorine-based cleaning solutions, etc. these substances might ruin the finish of the panels. Most importantly, do the cleaning regularly to help maintain the glamorous look of your fluted panel walls. For the best quality fluted panel supplies sg, contact Forte Reno Supplies.

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