Slat Panels – Wood Series


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Whether you’re redecorating your living room or installing a new in-home theater, our acoustic Slat Panels – Wood Series are outstanding for modern aesthetics and soundproofing. A closer look at these slat panels might make you confuse them for natural wood. However, they’re made using veneered lamella strips that are carefully positioned on the acoustic felt foundation.

If looking to beef up your interior décor with a more natural look, we also have affordable slat panels with natural stone textures to pick from. They’re made to match any design and can be installed quickly to create a luxury wood slat walls

Forte Reno can meet your supply demands if you’re running a project and looking for a wood and stone slat fluted panel supplier. We’ll deliver right to your doorstep so you can conveniently kickstart your project.

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Alaskan Cedar: SP122-AC, Alaskan Cedar: SP130-AC, Alaskan Cedar: SP160-AC, New York Cherry: SP122-NC, New York Cherry: SP130-NC, New York Cherry: SP160-NC, African Walnut: SP122-AW, African Walnut: SP130-AW, African Walnut: SP160-AW, Espresso Walnut: SP122-EW, Espresso Walnut: SP130-EW, Espresso Walnut: SP160-EW


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