Refund Policy

Please be informed that these refund policies apply only to sales of products by Fortes Reno and do not represent our policies for products obtained through advertising or other channels.

Any product modified either by installation, painting, cutting, or trimming is not eligible for return. Therefore, customers must confirm that the products are their exact requirements before using them anywhere.

Return of non-damaged products

Fortes Reno does not encourage the return of products once a transaction is completed. However, under certain circumstances, we may accept the return of non-damaged products. These include order of wrong items by the client or supply of the incorrect items by us.

In such situations, we will only accept return claims of non-damaged products under the following terms:

  • Return claims must be submitted through our official website or by contacting us via email or phone.
  • Customers must launch their return claims not more than 30 days from the product reception date. As such, returns are subject to a restocking fee of 20 percent plus the shipping costs of the carrier approved by Fortes Reno.
  • All claims must be submitted before sending the products to us. Our representatives will receive your request and, on approval, will share details about the return address, date, and the carrier to use. Returns initiated without our authorization will be rejected automatically.
  • Discontinued products are not entitled to returns.
  • All non-damaged products must be received in their original condition without damage to the original packaging.

All received returns will be subject to inspection before a refund is approved and initiated. Our customer support department will contact you via phone or email to notify you of the outcome of the return request and refund process.

Return of damaged or defective goods

Fortes Reno practices a high level of caution during the transportation and delivery of purchased products. However, in the event that delivered goods are damaged, you may be entitled to a return.

Claims for damage or loss related to shipping must be filed in writing within one business day of receiving the product. Information that must be captured in the requests includes:

  • Details of the product, such as name, damage description, and order number.
  • Clear images of the product capturing the damaged section and tracking label.

Failure to initiate a return claim within the stipulated timeline or include required information may result in rejection.

Order cancellations

Fortes Reno will accept order cancellation requests only if launched within 24 hours of placement. The request must be accompanied by our order number or your purchase order number, indicating line items to be removed.

All cancellation requests will be acknowledged via the email associated with your account with us.

Refund Amount

The refunded amount will be directly channeled to your bank account within 10 business days from return claim approval. Reflection of the funds in your bank account is subject to your bank's policies. However, it should reflect within three business days.

If the refund is not finalized within 15 days after the claim acceptance, you should report it to our customer support team for quick intervention and resolution. Please note that the refunded amount will be 20 percent less as restocking fees and courier charges. Forte Reno is at its discretion to choose its preferred courier service provider.

Contact us

Do you have any queries regarding our refund policy? Do not hesitate to contact us for quick assistance and timely resolution.