Shopping and Return

Forte Reno Pte Ltd (Forte Reno Supplies) strives to deliver the highest quality products and services to our clients in Singapore and Western Malaysia. Our products are produced under the highest standards to ensure they meet the quality requirements of the market.

This shopping policy is made available to regulate how our customers shop for our products and services, either on our website or at our local outlets.

Age requirements

Forte Reno Supplies has posed an age restriction of 18 years and above on every customer who shops from us. It is strictly forbidden for adults to request a minor to transact business with us on their behalf. If that should happen, then the minor must be accompanied by an adult if shopping from one of our local outlets.

For online shopping directly from our website, the customers must be strictly above 18 years of age. Customers below 18 years who want to transact with us must have the consent of their parent or guardian and must do so under their supervision.

Account requirements

Every customer is required to have an account with us to purchase our products either online or at our local outlet. By creating an account with us, you agree that:

  • You are at least 18 years if you are purchasing as an individual.
  • You are a representative of an organization or legal entity and are authorized to transact on behalf of the said entity.
  • You can enter into legally binding contracts and can withhold your mandate under such contracts.
  • The information shared with us is up to date, truthful, and unambiguous.

You bear the sole responsibility to monitor all transactions initiated in your account with us. We have no responsibility, nor will we assume any if your account is used to make purchases with or without your knowledge.

You are required to keep all account information up to date, including your credit account, billing address, shipping address, name, phone number, etc.

Modes of purchase

Forte Reno currently has its products and services displayed on its website where users may browse them and place orders via the contact form or phone. Customers can also visit our local outlets widespread across Singapore and Western Malaysia.

Purchases may be made through the following modes:

  • Cash payments.
  • Credit cards.
  • Credit facility on prior agreement with us.

It is every customer’s responsibility to ensure that every purchase is accompanied by an authorized receipt detailing purchased items and amounts paid. Forte Reno Supplies will not accept purchases on credit for new customers.


Forte Reno Supplies is dedicated to helping customers shop for the right products to avoid possible returns. As such, we encourage you to contact us in advance before placing your orders to get assistance if you are not sure of the products required.

However, if you need to return a purchased product, you must launch the return claim with us within 24 hours if the goods delivered were damaged during transit or were defective. Any returns launched after we automatically be rejected and no refund shall be issued.

For wrong purchases, either we supplied the wrong items or you ordered the wrong items, you should launch your return claims within 30 days from your delivery date. Returns will only be accepted under the following additional conditions:

  • You should contact us in advance to receive instructions on how to handle the return, shipping address, and packaging.
  • You should send us your request detailing the damages with clear images of the damage if any. You should also include our order number, and any other necessary details as instructed by our customer support team.
  • In case of wrong purchases, the product must be in its original packaging and unaltered or damaged in any way.

Please read our Refund Policy page for details on how a refund will be initiated.

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