How To Install Solar Panels on Slate Roof?

Install Solar Panels on Slate Roof
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This write-up is about installing solar panels on slate roof. Solar energy is the reliable energy of the future. It has picked the interest of many homeowners who prefer to install solar panels. Its environment friendly nature and long-term cost benefits have made this a clean and renewable source of energy.

As a general thought, it is assumed that to fit solar panels to tiled roof is easy. To do the same on a slate roof may seem impossible. However, this blog will put that doubt to rest. The FAQ section at the end will erase any other queries you have.

The cost of mounting solar panels on slate roof is high. This is the main reason why people think that this task is unthinkable. However, with the new developments taking place in the world of solar installation, installing solar panels on a slate roof is cost-effective and easy.

Slates are fragile. So, one has to be very careful while drilling holes. One wrong drill and the slate breaks. So, the installation professionals have to be very careful. This made the entire process of solar panels on slate roofs a slow and time-consuming task. Hence, the higher costs.

But with the invention of the Solar Slate Plate careful and quick installation of solar panels is possible. It lets you identify the correct positions for drilling holes and placing the panels. So, the entire gamble of damaging the slates is eliminated, and the crew works at their usual pace.

Installing Solar Panels on Slate Roof

The process to fit solar panels to tiled roof is more or less the same as installing them on an asphalt roof. However, there are slight differences. On an asphalt roof, a mounting bracket is drilled on the roof directly. But in the case of a slate roof; the tiles need to be removed carefully. Then a standoff is fixed via the roof sheathing on the rafter below. A mounting bracket is then attached to the standoff. Once the standoff is firmly in place, the rest of the process is similar to installing panels on an asphalt roof. The solar panel standoff is important to install before fixing the slate roof brackets.

Installing Solar Panels on Slate Roof


Solar panels on a slate roof is a technical process and require the services of professionals. It’s best to employ a company that has experience installing a solar slate roof. It’s not a DIY. So until you have the required experience, do not think of installing panels yourself on a tiled roof.

Things To Remember

While a slate roof has its benefits, it lasts longer, is impact resistant, is fireproof, and looks aesthetically appealing. It is tolerant to moisture and is eco-friendly. Being a durable material, it can withstand snow, rainfall, and wind. As a roofing material, it is smooth and can last a hundred years. But one has to be very careful while installing the panels.

One wrong drill and the slate can break.

  1. So, the thumb rule is not to drill slate tiles directly.
  2. If you drill directly, the tile may crack and lead to further problems in the future.
  3. Further, your warranty may be declared void.
  4. Cracked tiles can lead to leaks and compromise weather tightness.

Before you install anything on a slate roof there are a few things to consider.

  1. It is of utmost importance that you employ the services of a professional and do not rely on a handyman for this. This will ensure the structural integrity and the underlayment of the roof is intact.
  2. Ensure that the solar panels are firmly fixed on the roof rafter. A professional installer will ensure that he does a perfect job.

There are a few cost and labor considerations to bear in mind as well-

  1. Slate, being a smooth stone material is slippery for the installers. It can cause a few issues for them. Therefore, the cost of installation on a slate roof is more than with the one on an asphalt roof.
  2. No matter how careful the professionals are, a few tiles may get damaged. It’s best to replace them with artificial slate. These are more cost-effective. Purchasing a single real slate tile may cost you more.
  3. The entire installation process may take up to a week. Unlike the asphalt or metal roof, the speed of installation on a slate roof is slower. So, keep this consideration in mind.
  4. In comparison to other roof materials, the number of solar panels you can get installed is lower.

Things To Remember


So, these are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to get panels on your slate roof. It’s best to get a quote from a few companies that specialize in this job. Getting a professional opinion will help you gauge better and decide whether to go ahead with solar panels or not. On a positive note, if the installation is done properly, it will not cause any damage to the roof.


How are solar panels attached to a slate roof in Singapore?

In Singapore, solar panels cannot get attached to a slate roof directly. There is the risk of tiles breaking, cracking, or damaging. To avoid this situation, a Solar Slate Plate is first fixed onto the tiles. Then the panels are attached to this plate. It doesn’t take much time and homeowners can save a lot of money.

Is a gap required between solar panels?

Yes, a gap between solar panels is necessary because the frame and glass are subjected to changes in temperature causing it to expand and contract. A minimum of 4 to 7 inches of gap between the rows is required. A minimum of 12 inches of gap between the solar panel and the edge of the roof is needed. If there is no gap between the panels, they will press against each other and potentially get damaged. Also, if there is no gap, your solar panel warranty stands void.

How do you walk on a slate roof?

Never walk on a slate roof directly. There are two methods adopted by professionals. One is to install scaffolding around the roof. The second is to attach hook ladders to the side of the building or house. The professionals walk on the slate roof using these hook ladders. This way, they do not put pressure while walking on the tiles. Plus, aluminum hook ladders do not need any type of padding.

Can you put solar panels on a stone roof?

On a stone roof, solar panels will fit in the same way as it’s done for a tiled roof. It cannot be drilled into directly. A Solar Slate Plate is needed to place the panels. The stone roof is fragile enough to get damaged or crack if drilled directly.

How long is a slate roof good for?

One of the pros of a slate roof is its durability. If maintained well, it can last anywhere between 75 to 100 years or maybe more. If it is installed properly and any repairs are tended to immediately, a slate roof can last a very long time.


Solar panels on a slate roof help save money. That’s what homeowners want. Who doesn’t like some free money? Once you pay off the cost of installing solar panels, your electricity bill becomes practically zero. Not only do you save money on installation, but you also end up saving big bucks on electricity. Putting solar panels on a tiled roof isn’t difficult. A proper search in the market will help you land in the hands of a reliable solar panel installation company.

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