Terms of Service

Forte Reno Supplies is committed to bringing you a great shopping experience. These Terms of Service govern your use of the website, mobile apps, and other services provided by Forte Reno Supplies (“Forte Reno”). Your use of our website and services is an automatic confirmation that you accept to be confined within these Terms.

General Terms

These Terms govern all users and how they access our website, apps, or any other media through which we publicize our products and services. This includes both buyers and sellers, who are equally responsible for having read and understood the content listed below. By using this website, you accept to be legally bound by this agreement.

These terms apply to all users of the platform, including both customers and vendors. The users of the site have to be aware of the fact that by making purchases or selling goods or services they are agreeing to these terms of use.

We have the exclusive mandate to deny service to any party, whether individual or entity, whenever necessary without any explanation. Transfer of any data you share (except personal credit or debit card details), may take place without encryption and may happen over multiple networks. For security reasons, your credit and debit card details will always be encrypted when being transferred over any network.

By using our services, you agree not to engage in any unauthorized copying, reselling, or exploiting any part or whole service provided by Forte Reno. Any usage, including but not limited to accessing content on this website, contacts displayed, or any other material without written permission is strictly prohibited.

The titles and subtitles used in these Terms are provided for convenience but do not limit or affect the stated terms.

Completeness, Accuracy, and Timely availability of Information

Forte Reno does its best to provide the most accurate, complete, and timely information through its website. Every content is thoroughly analyzed and reviewed to ensure it’s the best representation of what we offer.

However, we do not guarantee that everything posted on our website will always be accurate. The articles and information posted on our website are meant to provide general guidance. As such, you are responsible for any consequences that occur out of relying on this website content to arrive at any decision without consulting professionals or more accurate and timely sources.

Change In Prices, Products, and Services

New products are constantly being added to our inventory, but prices for existing products may change at any time. As deemed necessary, we can update product pricing or discontinue a product at any time without notice. We make no commitment to update the prices on our website in real-time at any time.

If you're one of our customers, we're sensitive to your needs and your budget. Our Customer Success team will help you select the right solution to fit your needs.

Billing Account information Accuracy

We know that to offer our customers the best prices possible, we sometimes have to place a large number of orders. However, we have the exclusive right to reject any order you place with us but will try our hardest to find a solution that works for both you and us.

We may, as deemed necessary, reject any order, limit quantities purchased by an entity or person, or propose a similar product if the ordered product is out of stock or no longer in production.  These limitations may apply to purchase orders submitted via the same account, credit card, or same shipping or billing address.

To ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers, we work to comply with orders within the estimated shipping times.

Third-Party Tools and Links

To enhance your knowledge of our products and services, Forte Reno may provide its customers with third-party tools and links which we have no control over or monitor. The links may redirect you to other websites which are not affiliated with us whatsoever. By using this website, you agree that the tools and links provided to external resources are on an “as is” basis without warranties, conditions, or representations of any kind.

As such, we bear no obligation and shall not accept liability whatsoever on issues arising from your use of such tools and links. It is your sole responsibility to do a thorough analysis and background checks on the information contained before using it as a reference or guidance in making a decision.


Your use of our website, purchase of products, and services is a non-equivocal agreement to indemnify, defend, or taint the reputation of Forte Reno, its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, employees, agents, or any other party associated with us.

Changes to our Terms of Service

From time to time, Forte Reno reviews, edits, and publishes new terms, which are made available through this Terms page. The mandate and authority to make changes, delete, or replace any part or text in these Terms remain solely ours.

Your use of our website constitutes the agreement to these Terms of Service and any other conditions that govern Forte Reno.