Types of TV Feature Wall Design for Your Home

Types of TV Feature Wall Design
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Finding the types of TV feature wall design for your home can be a time-consuming but easy task. When it comes to designing your home, the first thing to consider is taste. Check out the types of designs for your home TV walls to improve your interior design strategy.

To pick a new TV design for your home either during renovation or newly built, you should know your designs!

An Overview of TV Feature Wall Design

The message you want your design to pass across to every beholder is contained in your taste. You visited a friend or went on a vacation, and you are amazed at an interior design. Vouching to replicate similar beauty, you are interested in finding the best one for your home.

Wall design is one of the many aspects of interior design. Depending on the aspect of the home being altered, the budget can vary and so will the impact.

Your TV can be simple or multipurpose, it all depends on your choice of design. Here, we will consider the types of these feature wall designs, so hold tight!

Mirror TV Wall Feature

Homeowners with small living room spaces may assume that they cannot have the best interior designs. While this is untrue, this wall feature makes their dream come true. For every small living room owner, a mirror wall design is a feature to consider. This design consists majorly of mirrors that help to create of mirage making the room look bigger.

Aside from the amazing feel, the mirrors give your living room space, their reflections help to manage electricity. A little light can be reflected around the room making the entire space colorful.

For individuals that prefer darker lighting in living rooms, there is a trick. The mirrors can be modified to reflect light less and the living room classy or stylish

In contrast to the other types of TV feature wall design for your home, mirrored design is more subtle. It is adaptive to any living room space and fits well into any personality.

Fluted Panel Wall Feature

Fluted Panel Wall Feature


Resembling a wall of wooden designs, this feature is not particularly made of wood. For a TV feature wall design with an eco-friendly and long-term advantage, this fits the description. Several fluted wall panels design Singapore living rooms as they are more elegant and suitable for residential homes.

A fluted panel wall design comes in different textures, ones that give a wooden feel. Not to fear, this type of wall design is not completely wooden and will not be lost to termites. They are made to be termite and mold resistant.

Fluted designs are made instead of composites that look like woods but are different. So, the structure is more durable, and minimal maintenance is needed. Moreover, the process of installing fluted panels is quite easy with only a few steps.

Among individuals who do not like exposing TV unit connections, this feature is extremely popular. A sliding method can be added where you hide the wires away from sight.

Fluted panel feature wall designs are exclusive and give the living room a nostalgic vibe. Walls are designed to mimic wooden flutes while incorporating a style that keeps the design beautiful.

Concrete Design

Another TV wall design for your home is the concrete design. This is a simple and subtle design with many conveniences. The design is made on the cemented wall eliminating the need for new design materials. Therefore, the design is more cost friendly.

For individuals that prefer a natural feeling in their living room design, this will do. Although it may seem plain, that can be improved by adding epoxy or a few coatings over the concrete.

Concrete is flexible and can be adjusted based on preferences to fit into a presumed choice. Having a concrete design requires proper planning of the design and pattern of interest. This is because once the design is set, changing it may not be easy.

Brick Design

Brick Design


Brick design is a TV feature wall design making rounds for being beautiful, dignifying, and easy on the eyes. Although most of these designs are available in a darker form, it is known to change the room’s outlook. For a fresh look in your living room, this is a design to consider. While your living room may look like centuries before technology, the charm thereof cannot be overlooked. By being stunning and unique, this design is all-encompassing.

With this design, you will worry less about maintaining a balanced color scheme in your home. Unlike many assumptions, brick designs get even more admirable with time, and you will not have to worry much about maintenance. Your brick TV feature wall design will become more beautiful as time goes by.

A common myth is that this design is only available for people who prefer darker colors. Brick Designs are not only available in dark colors but also in brighter colors. A white brick wall feature design helps to lighten up the living room space by projecting light.

Marble Design

For a stylish and luxurious-looking TV feature wall design, the marble design is a perfect choice. Although a little expensive, it will give your living room that expensive and active look. Individuals with a lower budget that will love to try this option are not left out. A marble laminate design that resembles a marble design can be incorporated into the TV wall feature design.

The marble laminate is less expensive and provides flexibility in design as it is versatile. You can also add design streaks to improve the color scheme of your marble TV feature wall design.

Stone Design

Like the brick design, this is a perfect choice for individuals looking to increase their living room textures. Despite the large similarities between the stone and brick designs, they are different. The stone design gives a more natural vibe to the living room space by having a less uniform outlook. Their rough edges make them more stylish and fitting for your TV feature wall design.

Stone design


This design allows you to attach other materials that can improve the design of your home. Materials that include paintings, artworks, etc. You can attach them without losing professionalism in your interior works.

Unlike most materials, stones are known for their coldness and ability to absorb heat readily. You would be having an automatic cooler without spending any extra cash.

For convenience, it is possible to get man-made stones for these designs. No doubt that the stone design will leave your home with a rocky and earthy feel. Do not forget to add a fireplace!

Open Shelves Design

For a TV feature wall design with storage, this is a perfect choice. Individuals with a very tiny space may want to consider this option as it helps to manage their available spaces. However, it is most suited for homes with at least medium spaces. If you have a knack for arranging and keeping items in their order, this is for you.

Open shelves allow for the use of items or objects as décor in setting up the TV feature wall design. The design provides great functionality and maximum use of spaces available in the room.

Slide Design

This is a concealing TV feature wall design; it involves the use of slide furniture in the living room. The purpose of this slide is to conceal the TV wall when not in use to align the room décor.

If you consider the TV when inactive a blemish to your design, then this is the right choice for you. You can keep the TV concealed and out of sight using this wall design.

Pop-out with Recessed Light

Pop-out design is adding a feel of pop to your living room sweetness. You get to isolate the TV feature wall design by using recessed light. These lights are positioned to cast light downward on the TV area, thereby bringing it into the spotlight.

Pop-out with recessed light

If you are not into having a brighter, cleaner, and highlighted view of your room, you should check other types. In this design feature, the lights pop out highlighting one of the most important sections of the room, the TV.

For a simple but amazing interior design in your living room, this is the choice to consider. You should go for this option if you want a chic, brighter, and relaxing look in your home.

Final Words

Picking the right TV feature wall design is dependent on the outlook you want your living room to project. It is not a tough process once you understand the options available to you including the estimated budget.

Hence, for a TV feature wall with storage, you should know which of these options suits you the most. Get the best service on this design in Singapore with us. Get ahead of your friends and colleagues in interior design by partnering with us. Make your living room fun by supplementing the designs with amazing decors and painting.


1.  What is TV Feature Wall & How Does It Work?

A TV feature wall is a space in a living where the TV is attached. The space consists of designs that are centered on the TV and its extras. On this wall, a storage unit for media gadgets and even consoles are provided.

It works by beautifying the entire living room and adapting to the general color scheme of the interiors. The feature is modified based on individual choices and tastes and the TV is hung away from sunlight.

2.  How Can I Make My TV Wall Interesting?

There are two major ways to do that, the first is by using a TV feature wall design and the other is by adding paintings and décor. Although the second option is usually included in a standard TV wall design, it can be exclusive. This means you do not have to change your entire TV wall to style your home.

3.  Which Wall is best for a Feature Wall?

It all drops down to the vibe you are looking for in your interior designs. If you want a feature wall TV console design that matches your style for gaming you should try a marble, concrete, or brick design.

You should avoid designs that cause too much of reflections when dealing with gaming. Thus, you can choose your best pick from the types of TV feature wall designs discussed above

4.  What Should I Put on the Wall Above My TV?

If you are looking to put your TV in the spotlight, the best thing to put above your TV is light, a bunch of recessed lights. However, to improve the quality of your TV wall, you can put either artwork, a bookshelf, or a decorative mirror.

When placing a design, portrait, or object above your TV, you should take precautions. This includes determining whether the wall can hold them firmly to avoid damage.

5.  Why Feature Wall Panel is Essential for Your Home?

Without a wall panel, homes are likely to experience a lot of difficulties. This includes the risk of the wall being fragile to hold the TV. Majorly, the wall designs help to improve the quality of the room entirely.

In some cases, some parts of the home that may lead to larger damage can be determined early and replaced. Aside from improving the overall beauty of the room, you get to enjoy the quality you deserve from your home.

A TV feature wall design Singapore in ways that make them the envy of others. Do not be left out!

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