How Much Does Wall Paneling Cost?

How Much Does Wall Paneling Cost?
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Because wall paneling adds texture and refinement to the interior decor of your home, it is normal for homeowners to ask the question “how much does wall paneling cost?” Whether you want something elaborate, like a panel constructed with a personalized design, or you appreciate the minimalist aesthetic of flat paneling, there are several wall paneling designs to pick from.

It’s helpful to know wall paneling costs to help you choose a style. The average cost to install wall paneling in a 12 X 12-foot space will normally run between $1,050 and $1,600, although pricing might vary depending on several factors. 

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What is Wall Paneling?

In contemporary architecture, wall paneling typically is a recurrent and common wall application. When other building materials are not as durable and non-porous, the panels can be put over other materials in a structure’s frame. A wall panel is a single piece of covering material that acts as the exposed and apparent covering for a wall. It is typically flat and trimmed into a rectangular shape.

The insulation and soundproofing that wall panels offer, along with the consistency of look, some degree of longevity, and ease of replacement, make them practical as well as aesthetic. There is no set size for a piece of material that serves these purposes. 

The Benefits of Wall Paneling

By giving the paneled surface a consistent appearance, the use of wall panels can lower construction costs. If one side of the wall panels will be up against a concrete wall, or any similar structure, only one side may be finished. Alternatively, the panels could completely replace the need for any other type of wall if they are put together in the right framework. 

How Much Does Wall Paneling Cost?

The cost of wall paneling is normally calculated by the square foot. Adding wall paneling typically costs $24/square foot, but prices can range from $7 to $40/square foot according to the kind you purchase.

How Much Does Wall Paneling Costs?

Wall Paneling Costs by Type

The pricing depends on the varieties of wall paneling you choose. For instance, a shiplap is an affordable option compared to decorative toppings, which are a higher cost of wood paneling per sq ft.

Below are some details to that effect:

  • Flat panel – This panel has a contemporary, ornament-free design that adds to its streamlined appearance. It is one of the more affordable paneling varieties, costing between $7 and $10/square foot.
  • Board & batten – Vertical-shaped pieces are attached to the joints of big boards to create board-and-batten panels. This particular sort of paneling often ranges from $7 to $20/square foot.
  • Beadboard – This paneling is made of vertical wood boards with tiny grooves separating them. Beadboard prices range from $7 to $20/square foot.
  • Shiplap – A wall’s texture is enhanced by collecting horizontal panels found in shiplap walls. Typically, shiplap panels range in price from $2.50 to $7/square foot.
  • Raised – This one has a central panel that is beveled and typically a rectangle or a square put within a bigger panel. A raised panel’s price per square foot ranges from $10 to $30.
  • Overlay – To add a colorful texture or pattern to an established wall panel, you can add overlays, which are decorative moldings. Typically, overlays cost $10 – $40/square foot. Considering these costs, the big question is “how much does it cost to panel a basement?” More detail in our subsequent content.

Factors Affecting the Price of Wall Paneling


Typically, solid wood is the costlier material, with fabricated materials like moderate fiberboard (MDF) being the least expensive.

Plywood and MDF

Plywood and MDF typically cost between $1 and $5/square foot, making them the cheapest wall panel material. Even if their prices are comparable, MDF often costs a little less, so in case you choose plywood, your final cost will probably be closer to the high end. 

Solid Wood

Solid Wood

The costlier and long-lasting wall paneling material is solid wood. Most unpainted wood panels cost between $12 and $33/square foot, but you’ll have to stain them yourself. Panels can be painted or stained for about $24 to $27. Pre-stained panels cost between $20 and $40/square foot if you choose them. Oak, cherry, and maple are common solid wood species. However, the cost of working with some hardwoods or exotic woods may be higher, especially mahogany wall paneling cost.


In addition to the cost of the paneling, you should budget $90/hour for labor if you employ a contractor to install the wall panels.

Types of Wall Paneling

Decorative Wall Paneling – Wall paneling that is decorative is done to improve the appearance of the space. Some people might utilize these to shield the surface of their walls from harm.

Tile Board Paneling – Tile board paneling is an MDF board type of paneling with a melamine layer on top. This layer has grooves to replicate the tile connection and looks like a regular ceramic tile. 

Utility Paneling – Objects can be held or hung inside the utility panel, using the panels. It has hardboard panels with rows of tiny holes to support nails and pegs.

Acoustics Paneling – By absorbing sound, acoustical panels enhance a room’s acoustical qualities and create a proper sound environment.

External Paneling – Various materials, including pre-cast concrete, bricks, wood, tiles, cement fiber boards, PVC, etc., are used to make the external panels. They seek to shield the surface of the wall from the damaging effects of the environment.

Typical Wall Paneling Materials 

Each material has different costs and advantages. From durability to style, depending on your preferences. As a result, several factors will affect the price you pay.


The advantages of their components, such as weather protection or insulation, are incorporated into composite panels. If put properly, they can be stunning and are typically offered in sheets.



Because of the wood’s inherent variety, these panels have exceptional aesthetics. Additionally, they offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Remember that wood panels require upkeep to maintain their natural beauty. You just have to be on the look for more wall paneling ideas.


Most frequently observed at eateries, hospitals, and other locations where cleanliness is crucial. Metal panels offer a clean surface and are simple to clean.


Wall panels made of tile are typically found in restrooms and some kitchens, usually affixed to a board.

Fabric over wood

Fabric panels are available in beautiful colors and patterns and provide additional insulation. Never forget to verify the fabric’s fire resistance.

Why Should I Install Wall Panels?

You have the opportunity to add color and flair to your home by using wall paneling. There are many different types to pick from, and they have greatly increased in popularity. Wall paneling can still cover up ugly walls, wiring, and other eyesores, but it shouldn’t be utilized to cover up damp walls because doing so would only exacerbate the problem, which is one critical consideration when purchasing wall paneling as well as what goes into a wall paneling estimate.


1. What is the paneling on the wall called?

Such paneling is called “wainscoting”. It is intended to add to the aesthetic or support the room’s general construction, or both. But there is a common question around this paneling model, which is “how much does it cost to install wainscoting?” This will require a little research.

2. Which wall paneling is best?

MDF is significantly more cost-effective and is a very sturdy board for a more contemporary painted finish. The use of moisture resistant MDF is crucial in areas with high levels of moisture, such as bathrooms.

3. How do I make cheap wall paneling?

Purchasing an MDF wall paneling kit is the most cost-effective option to panel the walls of your house. This smart product streamlines and simplifies the procedure. Additionally, it is not hard on the wallet.

To do that, you must first measure the walls you intend to panel to avoid purchasing too much or too little material. Since the kits often come in strips, you must be aware of the dimensions of the space you intend to cover. To make sure you get the proper amount for your job, evaluate the height and the length you’ll be covering.

4. Does paneling ruin walls?

If it was attached to drywall, be sure that the paper face will probably be torn off during the paneling removal procedure, necessitating the skinning of the wall.

5. Does paneling make a room look bigger?

You may make a small bedroom appear larger whether or not your home has high ceilings by emphasizing the height of the room’s ceiling with vertical panels. The solution is wallpaper with vertical stripes.


If you are still here at this point, then you should be able to answer the question “how much does wall paneling cost? However, the cost of home remodeling projects like judges paneling cost ultimately depends on how affordable you make them. Whether you have a tight or flexible budget, wall paneling can transform the appearance of your house. It’s all about your preference and budget.

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